15 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website

January 6, 20

Every business runs on the basic principle of generating revenue and profit.

Whether you are running a shop for selling products, or you sell any kind of services, the main objective behind every business is profitable and profits are never enough.

If a business owner or a stakeholder thinks that his or her business does not need a website, this article will attempt to reconsider their choice.

There are many reasons why every business needs a website, but we have tried our best to explain the most important reasons for having a website for every kind of business.

A website is a better representation of your business.

With the world getting digitized day by day, it must be the number one priority for any business to grab their digital share.

Gone are the days when companies used to flourish with the help of pamphlets and word of mouth.

It is the digital arena that is growing day by day.

With the reach of laptops and smartphones to every other hand, people prefer to get information on a single click.

It will be no wonder if a decades-long business with no digital presence gets eaten up by a new company that has a better web presence.

The businesses that do not conform to the tech developments often take a nosedive within days.

That is why it is of utmost importance that your business must have a good website.

#1: Business or brand recognition

Every company aims to become a brand that is recognized by the vast majority of its customers.

The most effective method of achieving this objective is by having a good website for your business.

"Brand awareness is the most important goal", because of that you need a website

While there may be a handful of businesses that are still popular with no website, they are always in constant danger of losing credibility for not having an online presence.

A website is the greatest way of doing a business a renowned brand that gains popularity and recognition day by day.

#2: Eternal and always open 24/7

Good businesses are always open to serve their clients.

The best part about having a website is that it is always open regardless of the day or time.

It is easily accessible to everyone at night or on the weekends.

While your physical business can also be open 24/7, a website is a better option in many ways.

"24/7" your website works, so you need a website

It is accessible from any corner of the world at any time.

Even if you close your office or a shop for the Christmas holidays, your website would still be there to serve your customers.

It is there on the web world for as long as you would want.

A website is truly eternal and never closes unless you would want it.

#3: Just a good web design can convert your visitors

Your website design and layout conveys the message to your customers in most of the cases.

A bad website design, unresponsive theme, poor color combination, or a bad logo make a poor impact on your customers.

Consider if you are trying to visit a website and it is not loading in the first 30 seconds.

You would obviously be irritated.

On the other hand, if your website has been designed perfectly, the visitors would immediately be convinced by your professionalism and would regard your business with respect.

A fast loading speed, great theme, perfect colors, and a professional logo would do most of what it takes to convince a customer to buy from you.

You just have to work on your website design once and you will reap its countless benefits for life.

Don’t risk your business with a risky website.

You can contact us Prowebin and we will make a perfect web design for your business because this is what we do best.

#4: A Website gives a variety of options to a visitor

A website provides a variety of features to the online visitor for his convenience.

You cannot display the boards or stickers that explain the features and benefits of every product or service you offer.

While on your website, you are free to provide as much detail as you want.

Your website visitors would have some options that would take them to the section they are most interested in.

For example, if you run a clothing store, you cannot put all the shades of a women’s shirt on display.

You won’t know what color of a shirt would attract the physical visitor most.

But if you have a website, you can display a shirt in every color and finding the color of her choice would be a matter of a single click on your website.

#5: Attracting new customers

A good website has the full potential to attract new customers.

Search Engine giant Google handles around 63,000 searches every single second.

That makes over 2 trillion searches per year.

Don’t you think your business would have a chance to get displayed in these massive search results?

If your business website is optimized with the recommended search engine optimization techniques, there is a high chance of grabbing a good share of these huge searches and get new visitors to your website.

We don’t need to mention here that the new visitors would eventually mean new clients and new clients would mean new revenues and profits.

#6: Better retention of existing customers

A visit to your website is actually a virtual visit to your physical office or a store.

Even if your business has a good base of existing customers, it is still highly beneficial that you have a website because it will retain your existing customers as well.

With the competition getting intense day by day, you need to remain active in the minds of your customers.

You cannot do this more efficiently other than having a good and professional website that they can visit from time to time.

It is vital for your business retention and growth that you keep striking your customers’ minds so that your business remains alive in their subconscious.

#7: Expand your business beyond boundaries

Having a physical set up is obviously limited to a certain space.

A website is so powerful that it can take your business to every corner of the world.

It is never limited to a certain country or region.

This is the beauty of the online world that is interconnected.

It may surprise you when your website has visitors from all corners of your city, country, or the world.

#8: Hassle-free customer service

A professional business always tries to interact with its customers.

While the customer service can also be provided by other methods but the customer interaction is the most effective and convenient via websites.

It is a matter of seconds that you interact with thousands of your customers for a variety of objectives.

Some of the ways to interact with your customers are given below.

1. Better after-sales service

You can provide after-sales services to your customers via your official website.

You can guide them on how to use your products or services by giving them access to membership areas of your website which are not open for every visitor.

2. Easy complaints registration

You can offer complaint registration forms to your existing customers which would save time and hassle for you and your customers.

They can easily register complaints by just accessing your website and typing their complaints.

You can assign tickets or numbers to their complaints which would give them the satisfaction that their complaints are being handled amicably.

3. Feedback for improvement

Your customers may also suggest some of their great ideas on how to improve your business.

While you may think that you are doing the best you can to serve your customers, your customers might give some great ideas which could further improve your business.

#9: Gathering customer data for retargeting

Among the countless features of a website, there is also an option to get the details like names, contact numbers, addresses, and email IDs of your customers.

You can always utilize their contact information for future promotions.

Some of the benefits of gathering customer information are listed below.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly beneficial tool for targeting your previous customers.

You don’t need to bombard your customers with a thousand emails.

Send them nice and clean emails with sufficient gaps and inform them about the new arrivals and sale announcements etc.

2. Sending wishes on their Phones and addresses

As some of your customers can also provide you with their date of births, you can use their details for their birthday wishes.

This will create a powerful impact on their minds that you really care about them.

3. Beneficial for customer segmentation

An aggressive retargeting campaign would categorize the customers using their contact information.

You can send customized emails to the customers that would be meant for the specific genders or age groups.

4. Quick Referrals

Your customer information may help get you quick referrals from their friends and family.

They may refer your business in their close circle if you remain alive in their minds by adopting retargeting methods.

#10: Business automation

Your website can very well earn you money even when you are sleeping.

You can always use your website to automate your business fully.

A majority of e-commerce websites are so much automated that the customers can place orders without interacting with any of the business representatives.

The customers would visit your website, select a product or service of their choice, and will place an order.

All of this could be done by having a good website that can convert a visitor into a customer.

#11: Your Website is Easy to Share

If you have a great website that impresses visitors, they might share it with their friends and family.

Sharing is just a click away in most of the websites.

Your website can also go viral if a good amount of people share the link of your website to different forums.

In this way, your website can reach millions of people who might be interested in your business.

Every website is not impressive.

With the influx of so many websites, it is quite difficult to design a website neatly and cleanly along with making it impressive enough to go viral.

So you need to take special measures with your website design that attracts people.

#12: Less staff requirement

Another exciting benefit if having a website for your business is that you don’t really need a lot of staff to manage your website and its functions.

Prowebin can make your website designed by a professional and experienced web designer.

You can explain your business details and the web designer would incorporate all the sections of your business on your website.

You can also outsource the employees for a fixed or a recurring period to manage the website operations on your behalf.

Once your website is developed, it would not be a tough task for you to manage your operations.

Unlike physical setups, you won’t need to hire a person for every other task.

You can even hire the services of freelancers who would do the job for you at very competitive rates.

#13: Greater Competitive Edge

With all the sparkling features of having a website, your business can expand to all corners of the world.

A good website can give your business a competitive edge and increase your sales many folds.

With all the limitless features of a website, you can smash your competition within a few days.

You just need to act smart in a timely manner to blow your competitors by having a great website otherwise it can be late and comparatively difficult if you act late.

#14: Website and Social Media go hand in hand

One of the most powerful and life-changing platforms that have completely dominated the current century is social media.

It is so powerful that it has toppled governments, raised new businesses, and changed the lives of many people.

Any business will surely be losing a lot of money if they do not make use of the mighty social media.

But it would be difficult to represent your business on any of the social media platforms if you don’t have a website.

You need to be influenced by the following cool statistics of social media.

The most popular social media

Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly active users. It is the world’s largest social media giant that interconnects people and businesses from all around the world. You just cannot afford to lose the opportunity to hit this massive audience to learn about your business.

YouTube has over 2 billion users. It is a video hosting website that is also used by many businesses. People post videos of their products or services and leave the link of their websites in the description. The viewers can click that link and get informed further about your business and what it had to offer.

Twitter has 330 million monthly active users. Businesses can also tweet here to let people know about their products or new offers to grab new customers.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. Mostly used by youngsters, you can utilize this platform to share photos and videos regarding your business to grab a new audience.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion monthly active users and is mostly used on mobile phones. Businesses also use this forum to share links to their websites where people can read the description that interests them.

LinkedIn has around 310 million monthly active users. It is not only beneficial for your business expansion but is also useful to find the best talent for your business because it has multiple professional features including job hiring.

Pinterest has over 300 million monthly active users. You can use this site to display the sparkling features of your business or a specific product to attract new clientage.

"Online stores with a social media presence have an average of 32 more sales", so you need a website

#15: A website portrays a better explanation of your business

You cannot explain each and everything to your every customer regarding how your business works and what does it offer.

A website gives a perfect platform to your customers where they get to know about all of your products or services conveniently.

You can compare a customer who has come to your shop or office physically with a person who has visited your website.

The customer who has physically visited your shop is more likely to spend less time exploring a full range of your products or services as compared to the one who has visited your website.

A good website includes a perfect introduction that explains each and every feature of your business properly.

Some of the must-have sections of a good website include:

– About Us

This must include each and every detail about what your business is about, how do you operate, what are your business ethics and values, and what the visitors can get out of your business.

This must be a clear overview of a new customer who does not know anything about you or your business.

– History

There should be a brief history that must explain when your business started and how long you have been serving people with your products and services.

This increases your business credibility in the minds of the visitors.

– Mission Statement

A good business has a great mission statement.

This section or the page of your website provides you a good chance to impress the visitors with a positive mission statement that places a respectable image of your business in their minds.

It's written "82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content"

Most of the businesses also include the CEO’s message to the visitors that further engage your website visitors.

– Products or Services Catalog

Your website must clearly mention the complete list of your products and/or services.

Whatever the visitors want to buy, they must click this section and find it conveniently.

It is also advisable to clearly show your bestsellers or most popular items or services for the convenience of your potential customers.

– FAQs

Customers have questions. Try to gather a list of the most common questions that customers ask about your business and answer them in this section or page of your website.

– Privacy Policy

Good businesses always respect the privacy of their customers or visitors.

Try to realize the visitors in this section or page of your website that their personal information is safe with you and you will never share it with any other parties.

– Testimonials

Publishing testimonials or reviews of your previous clients is a great technique of convincing new customers to buy your product or services.

Most of the people tend to follow the mob.

Try to put the real testimonials which would help attract new customers by building their trust in your business.

– Press Releases

Include the latest news about your business in this section.

You can mention about the new product launches or the information on your social responsibility, any event that your company organized, or any offers new customers might be interested in.

– Search Option

Your website must have a search option for better user experience so that a customer can easily find whatever he or she is looking for on your website.

This will save time and efforts of the visitors to locate the product or service they are interested in.

– Contact Us

One of the most important sections of your website is the contact us page.

You should clearly mention the addresses of your factories, shops, and offices.

Importance of contact information of your website

You should also mention the contact numbers of your business along with the email where visitors might reach you.

There should also be a contact form that customers can use to contact your business.

There are a few more sections that a website should have like the live chat support, but the pages mentioned above must be included in your business website.

Almost all of these features are not easily possible to communicate with every customer without having a website.

Bonus #1: Common misconceptions about websites and their answers:

The following are the most common misconceptions about getting a website made for your business. We have tried to answer the most common misconceptions.

• My business does not need a website

Trust us. Each and every business in the world needs a website.

Whether you run a grocery store or you provide teaching services, a website will add credibility and professionalism to your business and will always help you get more clients.

• There will be no use of the website for my business

Well, it depends on your website.

Your website is the first impression of your business to your existing or potential customers. Just having a website is not enough.

You have to have a good looking website that has the potential to grab the visitors’ attraction.

• No business in my niche has a website

That is even better. You have the chance to be the pioneer in your industry.

If you make a website at the right time, you will grab the market before others start copying you.

• Why should I bear the additional costs of a website?

Having a website is far cheaper than you think.

You can make a website even for free.

The costs are involved when you add more features.

Even then, a standard website for not cost more than an employee of your business or a company.

Bearing additional costs are worth spending due to the additional earnings it would bring to your business.

• I don’t have the time or expertise to manage a website

You really don’t need to be a tech-savvy for maintaining a website.

The person or a company that would make a website for your business will guide you on how to use it.

You can even leave your webpage on its own and it would be good to go.

You would only need to log in to your account when you would want to update or make any changes to your website.

Once you would undergo the process of making and running a website, you would find it so easy and interesting that you would even do it as a hobby.

Bonus #2: How to make a website yourself?

There are a few ways to make a website absolutely free of cost.

You can follow the instructions given here: Create, name, or copy a site and you can develop a website for your business free of cost.

But a free plan comes with limited features also.

If you want to make a better website at very economical rates, you should follow the steps given below.

  1. Open WordPress and click “Start your website”
  2. Create your account using your email ID and password.
  3. Select the objective of your website out of the given options. Choose “business” in case of making a website for your products or services.
  4. Choose a further type of business out of the given options or write your own objective. Let’s suppose you chose a “restaurant”.
  5. Click continue.
  6. Write the name of your business (restaurant).
  7. Choose the $4 plan and you are good to go.
web design trends 2020 for your website

Bonus #3: What is the best option to get my website made for my business at the lowest possible cost?

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What makes Prowebin the number one choice for getting your website made?

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