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May 25, 20

All that matters to us is the ability to provide our clients with a steadfast and secure IT network

Network Services

Enhancement and maintenance of network services in Mauritius is a challenge and that challenge has been taken up by Prowebin. All that matters to us is the ability to provide our clients with a steadfast and secure IT network. It is our responsibility to perform all the monitoring of network equipment and address the related issues at the earliest. Our existing clients speak highly of us as, without our timely interventions, proper networking would not have materialized for many. Networking’s importance cannot be understood in a few words and we are trying our best here to put up the broader picture.

Consider the following:

– 01

83% of employees work remotely at least part of the time.

– 02

85% of positions are filled through networking.

“Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority.”
-Herminia Ibarra

What we do for our clients is done specifically keeping the end-user customers in mind. Hence, Network services in Mauritius require the latest firewalls, intrusion prevention systems in place, along with content filtering software, bandwidth monitoring, structured cabling, and many other measures. Therefore, every such element of good networking become crucial in the aspect and context of a business.

How much does it take to set up the services of a Great Network?

While it is true, there’s no less of network and web building agencies around. But few can have the expertise and knowledge similar to ours. If you are inclined to possess some of the best network security and designs, you can very well get in touch with us. Others may try to deceive you with network solutions at a lower price, which in the long run can prove to largely inadequate.

Our Way of Operating

When we design network services in Mauritius, our way of operation very much sees the fact, the network does serve the purpose of the business. Therefore, under no circumstances must a network undermine the potentiality of business and inversely affect its functionality. Henceforth, we have our team who can go a long way in streamlining the network operations and increase the overall productivity

We offer a range of network security services solution that includes the following;

• Next-generation firewalls offering;

  1. Ample application visibility and control or AVC;
  2. Control the specific behaviors within accepted micro-applications

• Identify all the applications and micro-applications that are available.

• The Intrusion Prevention System or known as IPS;

  1. Sophisticated threats can be easily altered and avoided through this network security feature. We do enlist such a range of attacks as; targeted attacks, Botnets, SQL injection attacks, Malware targeting various applications, adaptive persistent threats, vulnerable operating systems and more.

• Network services in Mauritius cannot simply happen without our Network Content Filtering. Hence, through the use of our own firewall and software, we ensure our client’s business does not come into contact with malicious websites or emails. The content filtering includes;

  1. Blocking of URLs and filtering of malicious content
  2. Anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-spam

• Through the network monitoring service, we keep an eye on;

  1. The total network bandwidth and its effective management
  2. The monitoring of various network switches, servers, and other appliances
  3. Optimum temperature and environment control

If you have read so far and are already interested in our expertise in-network services, do feel free to get in touch and therefore get a quote on the service you seek from us. Hence, drop us a line and we will get back in no time.

Your Network Should be Full Proof and Capable of Managing Loads

The design of a network is an essentiality that we take care of from scratch. Hence, effective network design rules out many errors and threats that may otherwise surface over the course of business.

• We do the basic network design by;

  1. Being centric on the client requirement and the budget
  2. Control the specific behaviors within accepted micro-applications

Next comes our network audit and consulting task;

  1. We do security auditing for our clients. This, therefore, helps us to keep internal systems safe and secure. We can put to a halt any impending security threats which otherwise may lead to loss of data and information.
  2. The penetration test which is popularly known as the pen test is done to test the security of our client’s computer system. Therefore, the test comprises of a simulated cyber attack. Hence, if there are loopholes in the system, the test exposes them in no time.

Structured Cabling to Help

Therefore, for network services in Mauritius to be flawless and robust, we have our structured cabling services on offer. Should a business feel the need to relocate to a new building or existing or just expanding, we can help!

Now if you ask how, this is what we do;

Our very best of Copper CAT 5/6/7 cabling solutions. This comprises of

  • • High performance branded cables
  • • 20 years of performance warranty during installation

If we are to describe in details the characteristics of CAT 6 cables, they are;

  • • Very affordable
  • • Offers the best speed in its price range
  • • The cables do not have shielding protection and in other words, are very much limited to a distance of 90 meters at the most.

On the other hand, CAT 7 cables happen to offer;

  • • Very high levels of performance
  • • Shielded
  • • No interruption of crosstalk
  • • The cables are limited to about 10 gigabits of Ethernet
  • • Cables are priced high
  • • And these cables are more suited for businesses than for other technical uses.

You build your Business and Your Network with us

We are here to help your business grow to the level it desires to grow. Networking will be done by us combining every available option and to the best of our abilities. It is our duty and responsibility to see your business information stays safe and secured.

Faster Recovery, Fewer Chances of Damage

Disaster and Recovery Action are two of our important functionalities when we are taking up projects like network services in Mauritius. We ensure our client’s businesses face the least impact during daily operations through the quick recovery of data and prompt call to action. Recovery absolutely comprises of restoration of hardware, other applications, and lost data very much in the fastest possible time. Now, how do we manage to accomplish all this?
The solution lies in a few quick easy steps. Read the following to get a better understanding.
• We consult our expert team to create an alternate means of operation much in advance.
• Setup of a restoration service whose effectiveness we do test twice every year.
• The resulting work environment is kept ready and fully fitted to the requirements.
• Should something go wrong, we have our technical support team ready to help with assistance making recovery much faster.
We are not stopping just there. We have some incredible collaboration and integration solutions for our clients, especially, when setting up network services in Mauritius. These are like;
1. Indoor and outdoor complete WiFi solutions.
2. Integration of voice and other collaboration solutions over IP platforms.
3. Lastly, the WAN load balancing solutions like the aggregation of ADSL lines.
We believe in the fair exchange of ideas with our clients. Networking in its true meaning must be a combination of ideas and inputs. At the end of the day, it is our clients who will be using the network and reaping its benefits.

Our Presence and Vigilance

We help in not just the designing and security elements for network services in Mauritius, but we also see through the whole process. Therefore, the better and faster the links and the backup of the whole network, the more secure and full-fledged are the businesses of our clients. In our work experience, we have gone to work with some of our largest clients.
Once a client gets in touch with us, we straightway work to figure out the challenges as well as if upgrading an existing network will be much help. Irrespective of the client-agency size, we can come up with solutions that serve all. We are always working to know the limitations and how effectively can we overcome them. Cutting edge networking solutions is what we are looking for and integrating with our work for our clients. For instance, to make a comprehensive network system in smooth working conditions, there sure is the involvement of skills, manpower, predictability, and technical knowledge.

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Should a client feel a need to know more about us, the testimonials page on our website will portray a clearer picture of our work impressions from our existing clients. You can rest assured Prowebin is dedicated to providing clients with extraordinary service that will help you in every possible way to run your ventures.
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