Top 10 Benefits of SEO for Your Website

February 19, 21

The world has become much more digitalized in recent years. For the same reason, businesses are being more website-based. As a business owner of the same kind, maybe one of your most heard things is SEO. What is SEO, then? Well, as you already might know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO strategy is the most common modern marketing strategy now. Similarly, one of your most asked questions is about the benefits of SEO for websites.

At first, let us assure you that there are plenty of benefits.

In this article about SEO marketing, our concern will be on 10 of those benefits. However, we will also include the purpose of SEO.

Why is SEO good, and how does SEO help through searches? Above all, how do businesses use SEO?

Hopefully, we will find the answers to these most frequently asked questions through the article. Let us not delay any more. Let us begin with the first question first.

Why is SEO good?

In this modern competitive era, quality plays a vital role in maintaining the livelihood of your business.

How can you ensure to keep sound quality in your business? Well, the answer lies in the purpose of SEO.

The most fundamental goal of SEO is to boost traffic quality on a website.

A loupe with a word "seo"

SEO aims to increase that traffic, the number of people that visit your website. It can be either daily visitors or visitors at a regular interval.

However, along with increasing website traffic through searches, SEO exerts some other benefits. We will share those in the next paragraphs.

Benefits of SEO for websites

SEO has a vast number of benefits on a website and eventually in a business, as we already mentioned. Among those, we will share with you only 10. Let’s get started.

1. SEO improves ROI on your digital marketing strategy

ROI stands for return on investment. As you invest in a digital marketing strategy, you expect to get the highest ROI possible.


And an SEO strategy can help you get that return. How does it do that, and how does it help you?

Well, search engines offer almost an envious 15 percent of lead conversion rate. You may feel confused about the word envious as 15 percent does not sound a lot.

What does 2 percent sound then? That is the lead conversion percentage in traditional marketing.

So if you compare it with what SEO offers, you will find that what SEO offers is massive. Let’s give an example.

Suppose that an average lead is worth a thousand dollars, and your average number of new leads is 30 in a month.

By adopting SEO in your digital marketing, you can get five extra leads per month. How much does it worth? It is worth an additional five thousand dollars. Now, compare it with traditional marketing.

You would get less than one additional lead that would be worth less than a thousand dollars.

The more search engine optimization your website uses, the more beneficial it gets.

This colossal revenue is the highest benefit for most of the business owners. They do not even need to look at the other benefits. However, we will show you nine more benefits.

2. SEO works as a booster for your credibility

Credibility is yet another essential marketing tool in the modern business era. Many businesses overlook it, though.

Imagine a scenario. Let’s assume that your company is ranked number five in a search list.

Do you think people will give more credibility to your story or that of the one ranked number one? Indeed, the number one ranked will get the highest credibility.

When people see your website on the top, they tend to believe that you provide them with the best service, no matter what the actual situation is.

Why do we take the help of a search engine? We want search engines to do the filtering work for us.

They eliminate spammy websites and content for us, and we just click on what they provide us. That explains the marketing study.

Research shows that 75 percent of search engine scrollers stick to the first page of the results. That means, if you can make your website to the first page of search results, you can expect a higher number of visitors to your website.

Based on your SEO strategy quality, Google, along with other search engines, will rank you. Now when people search with relevant keywords, your website will pop up and get visited.

However, you should keep in mind that the content quality and website response rate also matters. Another thing that matters is how specific you are.

3. SEO drives traffic of high-quality to your website

At first, let’s go through an example from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, you pay for a billboard and then hope that the audience will see it.

You do not even know if the billboard is serving the purpose. Another demerit is that where you put the billboard also affects the effectiveness of your marketing.

However, in digital marketing, the whole internet world is your billboard. And by implementing your SEO strategy, you surely know that your target audience sees your website at search results.

Moreover, you can reach your audience within a very short time, being at the top of their search. On the other hand, you do not know when your target audience will pass by that billboard or pay attention to that.

Besides, your target audience gets limited to traditional marketing. Why is that? Only people from a specified area can see that billboard and know about your business.

On the opposite, you get the whole world as your target audience through SEO in their searches. This audience can visit your website from whatever end of the world they are.

Is not that an effective marketing strategy? That is how SEO drives more and more audience to your website.

TV is yet another essential tool in a traditional marketing strategy. However, people need to watch your advertisement on the specific channel in between their desired shows.

But as you already know, we usually skip those advertisements.

But in digital marketing, people come online just to get to know about you. You have all the attention.

Only if you manage to get on the first page of search results, the rest is easy. And SEO helps you achieve that.

4. SEO promotes a business every day, all day long

As businesses vary in nature, so does their service time. While some businesses offer services five days a week, others offer differently.

Therefore, in traditional marketing, you offer your business only those days. Even in some cases, people cannot reach you on off-days.

However, digital marketing is entirely different, and so is the effect of SEO on searches. As it is based on the internet, you get to offer your services 24/7.

However, if people do not get the opportunity to reach your website, that won’t do you any good.

As we know, Google is the top search engine for years. As a fact, Google processes around sixty thousand searches in a second.

So how to ensure that people can reach your website? That is where SEO comes to help. It ensures that your website appears on the first page of search results.

As a result, people find your website, and they get the opportunity to reach you. Besides, your website traffic increases, and so does your possibility of getting success through SEO marketing.

Another mentionable fact is that people are looking for you. You do not have to reach them through billboards or posters.

5. SEO promotes brand awareness

What happens if you see the same website on your similar search every single time? Undoubtedly, it will make you feel that this marketing brand is the top one. That is what we call brand awareness.

Therefore, when people are aware of your brand, they will also prefer it when making a purchase decision.

Now comes the most crucial question. How to ensure that your brand or website appears on people’s searches every once in a while?

That is what we have been sharing through the article- SEO.

A proper SEO can ensure that you appear on your audience’s search results.

There is even a better outcome of the same marketing policy. When people find you regularly on similar search results, it makes them trust you.

They start to believe that you are not here only to sell your products. They think that you are there for them.

When they need information about a similar industry, they come to you before going to others. That is because they now believe you as a valuable resource.

As a whole, SEO helps to increase your value to your audiences.

6. SEO targets all possible aspects of a buying funnel

As a digital marketing person, you indeed are familiar with the buying funnel. SEO has a crucial effect on it, too.

That is to say that SEO targets all the parts of a buying funnel- from the pre-engagement part to the after-purchase part. No other business strategy covers the same colossal area. Let us clarify this demand a bit.

While other strategies cover only a specific type of content, SEO covers a vast area. For example, it includes infographics and blog posts.

It also includes buying guides and other necessary content. As a whole, it consists of all three parts of a funnel- TOFU, MOFU of search, and the purchasing function.

SEO brings you a fifty-four percent extra earn than other traditional marketing strategies. How is that possible?

That is possible only because SEO sticks with an audience through their way to a purchase.

At first, it informs the audience about the product through good search engine optimized blog posts.

Then, it creates an interest in the audience about the products or services. After that, SEO makes the purchase easy through proper search engine optimization.

And finally, SEO provides the audience, who is now your customer, with appropriate user manual posts.

The best part about SEO on searches is yet to come. While people feel disturbed by continuous advertisements in traditional marketing, the scenario is the opposite in this case.

People love this approach. That is because they are seeking help in their pursuit of making a purchase, and you are there to help them with it.

Besides, SEO builds brand awareness among your audience and makes conversion easier simply just through search optimization.

7. SEO helps in outranking your competitors

Competition is another name for the modern business world. As the internet has become more available, people now have access to different businesses at their fingertips.

They just need to search with related keywords. If you cannot ensure continuous quality content, you will lag in the marketing race.

But how do you make the audience believe that your contents are high-quality? In order to ensure that, you must be willing to reach them before others do.

Three people are running forward to win a competition.

Now comes the essential part of getting success in the competition. You can either eliminate a competitor or outrank.

Eliminating a competitor is not your task to accomplish. When one or more of your competitors offer low quality in their services, they will automatically get eliminated.

That means that the audience will abandon them no matter what.

As a result, they will not even sometimes appear on searches. Now comes the serious part- tough competitors.

There will be some competitors who provide the audience with the same quality you provide. How can you eliminate them? Well, you cannot. What you can do is outrank them with your SEO strategy.

You can appear at the top or at least on the first page of your audience’s search through SEO marketing. When you appear above your competitors, people will check your services before those for sure. That is why you should invest in SEO. Then you can rest assured.

8. SEO reaches target audience easily

As you already might know, businesses are now more spread over the world. They have a wide variety of consumers. In traditional marketing strategies, you can reach only a specific type of audience.

The other types of audiences are left behind in conventional marketing. However, through SEO marketing, you can reach all your target audiences through their searches. Let’s explain this claim a little.

Let us assume that your business has two types of target audiences. One is homeowners, and the other type is business owners. While the service they use is the same, their approach will be different.

Icons of a group of people as a target audience for your best seo strategy to bring some benefits to your website

You can understand their approach through their searches. While the homeowners will search by a keyword, the business owners will search by a different one.

And therefore, your approach to reach them should be different according to each of their specific needs. As we claim, SEO marketing can help you reach both types. How is that possible?

Well, an essential part of any SEO strategy is to come up with appropriate keywords.

When you use proper target keywords, it will reach your audiences through their searches.

That is how beneficial SEO is for your website and business.

9. SEO decreases different types of costs

As a matter of fact, implementing SEO does not cost you even a dime. If you hire an SEO expert, it will cost some, though. But the benefits you get are far higher than the amount you invest.

Besides, they remain as long as the internet offers the searching option. So let us discuss how SEO decreases your costs.

As we mentioned many times in this very article, traditional marketing relies on advertisements. The more the advertisements reach people, the more successful the business is.

In order to ensure that the advertisements are reaching enough people, the business owners then invest a tremendous amount of money in campaigns. However, through the benefits of SEO, you do not need to invest a single dollar for campaigns.

When people search with the related keywords, search engine optimization will direct them to you. And eventually, you will get the necessary visitors to your website and succeed ultimately.

This cost efficiency applies not only to traditional advertisements but also to digital advertisements. More businesses now came to understand that SEO is far more cost-efficient.

You only need to appear in the searches. That is why more companies are now implementing SEO on their websites.

10. SEO is a long-term strategy

There is nothing new in modern businesses. However, SEO is something that remains evergreen. We can easily claim that while comparing it with traditional or non-SEO marketing strategies.

What does long-term mean here? It means that you will see the benefits of SEO for your website even years after implementing them, as long as the search option remains. How is that so?

In traditional marketing, you create an advertisement and run it for a week. If you do not renew the ad every once in a while, people will devote themselves to other companies in the market.

Therefore, you must be really attentive and agile all the time in traditional marketing.

As a result, you do not have enough time left in your hand to upgrade your services. However, in SEO marketing, you get plenty of time to upgrade your products and services. How?

Well, once you implement SEO on your business, it will appear in searches for a long time until something better beats it. When something does win it, you need to win that then with your marketing.

Before that, you have plenty of time to build your reputation, your brand awareness, and your business as a whole.

Besides, when you have earned enough brand value through SEO, none can come near you to snatch that success.