Web Design Mauritius

June 1, 20

We create responsive and SEO-friendly web design that not only drives traffic but also creates conversion.

Why Web Design is Important

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As per the Stanford University’s Web Credibility Research, 75% of the website users will make the judgment regarding the credibility of a company by looking at their website design.

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Of all the searches done on the internet, 60% of the users use mobile devices for their search. This number has increased by 10% in just the last two years.

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Google announced in 2015, stating that websites that are responsive to mobile devices will get preference. Google is creating search results in that way. Most of the top search results on Google are mobile-friendly.

At Prowebin, we offer excellent web design in Mauritius that will add value to your business. Our website designs are created by keeping in mind the needs of the audience. We keep the layout as simple as possible to make it user-friendly. However, it does not stop us from creating mesmerizing website designs that will captivate the visitors and turn them into customers. We focus on results while creating website design. You will see a spike in your business growth after implementing our website design.

Let’s Create a Responsive Web Design

Creating a responsive website design is more than just adapting to the viewpoint of the visitor. The screen sizes of various devices differ. That is why the content you want to share will look different on each device. The goal of responsive website design is to create a design where the content will look attractive on every device.

Responsive websites open quickly without damaging the experience of the user. Hence, users tend to stay on the website for a longer period. Also, it prevents users from resizing the view on their own because the site opens in a perfect way.

Mobile Exposure is Key

A huge chunk of visitors come to websites via mobile devices. When you have such a large number of users from mobile devices, you have to pay special attention. You need to fulfill the needs of mobile users with design and content. No matter how good your content is, without responsive design, it will fail to meet the expectations of the visitors.

The design of the website presents the content to the user. If the presentation is not right, then the quality of content does not matter. You have to see whether your website is responsive or not. It is a fact that responsive website designs also load very quickly.

You have to grab the attention of your audience as soon as they come to your website. But, if your website does not load on time, you may not have that chance in the first place. In case the website is taking more than 10 seconds to load, you might be losing out on a huge number of visitors.

Because of this, the loading speed also plays a crucial role in retaining visitors and giving a great experience. When visitors coming to your website spend more time, you will find the bounce rate of your website is reducing. The bounce rate is a crucial factor for the position of your website in search results.

With the bounce rate going down, more and more people will spend time on your website. So, the chances of conversion will also go up quite a bit. That is why responsive web designs have a huge impact on the growth of businesses. Whether you believe it or not, after creating a responsive web design from Prowebin, you will know the difference.