20 Web Design Trends For 2020 – Designs that attract maximum visitors

December 29, 19

As technology advances, people are coming with newer and better ideas for web design.

You must have visited a website that has an excellent eye-catching design that attracts the focus of more people and thus resulting in an increased crowd.

If you compare the older website’s homepages with brand new websites, you will easily detect the crucial changes that happened and how they have affected the aesthetic pleasure of viewing a website.

In 2020, there are going to be major changes in the web design trends.

People are already bored of the traditional designs and want something new.

They want bold designs and want to see a company telling their stories by design.

Now, something that is unique and beautiful will get more attention.

So, don’t try to follow something that everyone else is doing.

Think out of the box and make your website a piece of art that has been never seen.

1. Organic, natural shape

Websites consist of mostly rectangular shapes.

Such shapes give a feel that the business is not much flexible and too formal.

It might not sound very accurate but it does have a psychological effect on the human brain.

Using organic shapes on webpages will give a feeling to the visitors that the business has flexibility and it is not very hard to communicate with them and have a response.

Asymmetrical shapes’ imperfections make the websites’ content stand out more and give a natural feeling.

For a clearer understanding, let’s have a look at the homepage of Baby Talk For Dads.

Look at the background shapes.

You will not find symmetrical lines.

It is somehow appealing to your eyes and give a sense of nature.

They also went creative with it and had the shape of the face of a grown human on the left side of the page and had a baby’s face’s shape on the right side.

Such designs stand out from all the regular systematic designs of corporate websites.

In 2020, it is no complicated matter to understand that the websites that stand out most will have the best results.

2. Serifs font

Everyone knows how a good font can affect greatly on the overall design of a website.

Fonts that are eye-catching and have an aesthetic value to it are the best choices.

So, for web design trends, our best choice is Serif.

Companies and famous websites use bold Serif font to make their company’s name and motto stand out the most on the website’s page.

Medium, one of the largest platform of independent writers, have a very unique design on their website and the mobile app.

But the standard serif font is always there.

You can see how it is standing out.

This font is not only beautiful, but it’s also easier to read and that’s why many professional web designers prefer it.

3. Glitch art

Glitches have become very popular nowadays as you can see the young people of gen Z and millennials are using it in pictures, videos.

Glitch art does have a very aesthetical feel to it and gives something a sense of mystery.

Websites that use glitch animations are clearly one following one of the most useful web design trends in 2020.

You can clearly see the effectiveness of glitch art from the following example:

Glitch art has been relevant for recent years and one can utilize the relevance of this art to make a website’s design unique and admirable.

4. Video content

Not many websites use videos on their homepage but it is the next big web design trend for 2020.

Before, designers were afraid of using large content on their websites that can slow down their site or may take too much time to show.

But now with the technological advancement of the web server and an internet connection, more and more designers are focusing on putting more video content on their website homepage.

A video is better than texts as it can explain something very well in a short time.

Can be also used as a testimonial to attract more clients.

Another great advantage of using video content is Google’s SEO algorithm.

It picks out the websites that use video contents and put them ahead on the ranking.

You can see how video content can be a great testimonial for a company’s website.

You should take advantage of this fact and make your homepage a piece of art with beautiful video content.

5. Palettes of black and white

Color combination is one of the most important things to consider in a website’s design.

Many new web designers find themselves confused while choosing the right colors for their site.

When they think of black and white, they don’t find it interesting enough.

But in 2020, this minimalistic approach of choosing the basic colors can make a webpage stand out.

Have a look at the example below:

Black can be easily distinguished from white and the usage of both of these colors has been giving good results for websites since using other colors on the black and white can create a noticeable call to action.

For example, you have a site that has a CTA button on the text where you want your clients to click on.

You can use a bold color on the button or text and it will be easily noticeable amidst the black and white palette.

6. Minimalism

Minimalism is a classic trend.

The art of minimalism has been around for a long time and we can see its touch in website design for years.

Minimalistic design can look very simple but can have a lot of aesthetic value to it.

Just like it has been dominating the section of web design trends over the past years, it will also have its mark in 2020.

Use minimum color variation and choose the right color that has increased contrast with your text’s color.

That way, not only you are making a minimalistic art for your webpage, but also making your CTA stand out more.

7. Micro-interactions

To all the people who aren’t much familiar with micro-interactions, it is a small change in something when you interact with it.

For example, if you like someone’s picture on Facebook, the button turns blue.

On Instagram, it turns red.

In Google’s sub-sites, when you complete a checkbox, you will see a small ok sign or similar changes in the area where you clicked or touched.

Micro-interactions are a design mostly done by professionals but it is recommended that newbies learn this skill as it has been showing a great response from clients and will have more utilization in 2020.

Micro-interactions have been a thing started in sites that have frequent visitors like Facebook, Twitter, Google’s subsites.

As users touch or click on something, the small micro-interaction quickly catches their eyes.

It comes off as a surprise and that helps people to be more engaged with a site instead of getting distracted.

8. Dark mode

Social apps, mobile phones and many other fields have adopted the form of dark mode.

It is the current sexy thing that people are following.

The dark mood is loved by so many people because the bold dark color is very beautiful and it is also usable at night where light colors can be hurtful to your eyes.

Webpages are also adapting the dark mode trend and giving their clients what they want.

As web researchers are saying that dark mode will have a great impact over the sites of a 2020 and websites that have a dark mode option will be seen with respect.

Dark mode makes something look like they’re from a futuristic sci-fi movie.

That’s why it has its appeal as a web design trend in 2020.

Also, a dark color is great for using different types of fonts that have high readability.

As you can see in the example of how the text is very easy to see.

9. 3D elements

3D elements like 3D shapes of different kinds that can attract a person’s attention can be used in homepages.

Look at this example:

The 3D surrealism has been one of the most appreciated modern arts and the adaption of this form of art can become a succeeding factor of websites in 2020.

You can see how the 3D shape is bringing questions inside your mind and how it will easily bring anyone’s attention.

It will be even better if the 3D art is interactive.

Experimental 3D design and the mixture of 3D and 2D art are the next trends of 2020.

The art takes a long time to create and has a strange appeal to it.

10. Imperfections

Yes, all of the designers want their homepages to be filled with perfect designs and shapes.

But to stand aside from the crowd and give your webpage a little bit more personality, you have to think out of the box.

If you are getting confused about what is being implied here, look at this example:

Can you see the imperfect art that is done by an unskilled person?


That’s the thing in 2020.

People are fed up with the materialistic design of the website and looking for something where a company does not act too formally but shows emotion.

Those imperfect drawing gets a person closer to clients and gives them a sense of closure.

Just like the importance of organic shape, you also have to give a thought about imperfect art.

11. Photography + Graphics

A touch of creative graphics designing on real photos gives them uniqueness.

It is an ongoing trend and websites of 2020 should consider this art form.

We all know how important graphics designing is for web design.

When you mix the skill of graphic designing with photography, you create modern art that is suitable for 2020 websites.

The advantage of using such a design is that you can customize it according to the theme of the website.

You can put cute designs if the company’s theme goes along with it.

You can also create serious and abstract graphics designing for tech websites.

Make sure the design fits your company’s type and people can find the meaning behind the designs you did.

Otherwise, it won’t have much effect.

12. Luminous color schemes

A color that is easily noticeable will attract people to the CTA – with this basic formula in mind, luminous color schemes are still relevant.

In fact, the utilization of futuristic color schemes has been seen in a few websites and researcher claim that will have a huge impact web design trends in 2020.

The example above shows the bold selection of colors that have a heavy contrast between them.

The futuristic design easily catches attention and leaves one fascinated.

Such color patterns are mostly seen in websites related to tech businesses, cryptocurrencies and similar companies.

You can use a luminous color in any type of website and make it look better with your skills.

Remember, the perfection of shape doesn’t matter.

Focus on the contrast and boldness of your color and how they are different from each other.

13. Line Art

Line art has become pretty popular recently and has become part of videos and apps.

Websites also using simple line art as the main graphics design.

Line art is very simple to create and can be customized to the theme of the website.

In an age where we value minimalism, line art does have its place among them.

Choose different color combinations for the line art and make sure it is not just a random art.

It has to portray your website’s vision and motto.

14. Brutalism

Brutalism will have a great effect on the art of 2020.

It has the ability to draw people’s attention quickly and make them serious.

Bold color selection and formal typography with big fonts are part of brutalism.

You can follow brutalism for your website’s homepage as it is one of the most famous web design trends of 2020.

You can see how the black and white color selection and 3D design have given it a brutal look.

It is clearly a denial of most of the modern website design.

Before bold colors and bold fonts were the most used art of brutalism.

But now, with different types of art and color selection, brutalism can be extended from the design of the website to the interactions.

15. Diversity

Let’s not forget that people from different countries and walks of life are viewing your website.

They differ in skin tone, sexuality, and culture.

Showing appreciation to them has become more and more practicable in recent years when our age has become more liberal.

What could be a better way of showing appreciation than your website’s homepage?

Make art or include photography that gives appreciation to people from all walks of life.

For example, when Apple included emojis and made them available in different colors, people felt welcome.

That strategy will help websites to gain more people’s attention in 2020.

It will also give a brand a better image when people know how open-minded they are and how they’re willing to stand for all kinds of people.

16. More mobile-friendly

Yes, you already know that people are browsing the web more on mobile phones than on desktop.

So you have to make your website mobile-friendly.

Now, designers have gained an idea about the mobile version of the web.

They have studied user thumb movements and made a website’s mobile version according to it.

Let’s look at an example:

See how it is very thumb-friendly.

Of you are using it with only one hand, you’ll have easy access.

It’s like a mobile app.

It is clear that people in 2020 will look for web design trends that are more mobile-friendly.

You can see how Google is changing their sites according to it.

Bring more tabs and shrink them into smaller sizes for mobile compatibility.

Give more control to the user.

Keep that in mind that more people will visit your website by mobile phones than computers.

17. White space and solid frame

Solid frames and white space around a webpage give it a simple and clean look.

This simplicity gives the website a very aesthetic look and people seem to love it.

In 2020, websites will have more designs of this type.

You can see how the white space frame around it give the CTA a focus that it requires.

Not just white, but you can also use spaces of different colors.

Researchers say that such a design has become one of the crown jewels of modern web design trends.

Now each webpage has become a canvas where people put their art.

This minimalistic approach of using large frames and the imperfection of it has given it a strange artistic value.

18. Monochromatic

Yes, you are looking for using different types of colors on your homepage.

You want to make it look cool like everyone else is doing.

Monochromatic design means less color.

It is 2020’s most unique trend and you can easily do the design without any issue.


Less color selection of the homepage increases the simplicity of the site.

Making a website may give you a thought of complex graphic designs but it is not that complex.

With the trend of monochromatic art, you can easily design a website’s homepage.

See the DigitalBros website’s homepage.

They only used a few colors but were able to tell many stories with them.

And the overlapping also gives it uniqueness.

You can look at it and you will realize that not many sites are using it.

But it is an ongoing web design trend that will bloom in 2020.

19. Overlapping design

You may have seen many websites adapting the overlapping design in 2019.

We will see this more in web design trends of 2020.

Overlapping and imperfect placement of websites gives them unique.

Make tabs of content that overlap with each other and make sure people can easily access them.

You can see her website having tabs that overlap with each other and see how the picture on the right side is not perfectly placed.

That is the modern art of websites in 2020.

Imperfectness has its own artistic value and overlapping has been in web design for a long time.

20. Experimental design

Lastly, being experimental always gives a website a unique look that no other people possess.

Experimental art has been around for decades and it has always made people wonder.

Not just the design, but also the navigation button should have an experimental design.

People are pretty bored with the usual design of the navigation buttons and that’s why it will always be notified if you try something different.

You don’t have to follow the traditional ways of putting the controls in a specific place.

See in the example how the navigation buttons are on the corners.

People will look for them and will be surprised to see them there.

Don’t be afraid to make your own design because people will always adapt to the change.

 Web Design Trends Conclusion

In the end, all that matters is your creativity.

If you need some help just contact us.

Prowebin can give your website your own personal look that you like.

2020 is going to be a great year for web designing as more and more businesses are going online.

They want their name to stand out amongst the crowd and that’s why they need a creative look.

A web designer should have a good understanding and essential knowledge about the modern trend and they should be able to replicate them for their clients.

Make your website the canvas of your art and let your artistic mindset take over you.

Try something different and don’t follow the majority.

In 2020, make sure to change your website’s look according to your visitors’ reaction and keep bringing slight changes until it is perfect.